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 What method would Prof. Stone use to give graphic representation of the ideas and concepts when delivering his lecture? _______

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The current trend in open universities is the movement towards ______ 

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C. From the options, pick two of the four key processes of Kolb's reflective learning cycle _______

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______ refers to educational content that can be reused, remixed and redistribute without copyright law

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Ebong writes to discover new experience, revising or updating an old piece of writing to add new or expunge irrelevant materials.  This kind of writing  is referred to as ______

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When listening, ______ consists of judging  or deciding the value of the information received.

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G. The best way to invest time in one's self is by investing _____

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H. In the past, education was associated with childhood but now, we are all expected to _________

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What Directorate was established in the National Open University of Nigeria to identify and meet the needs of open and distance learning capacity building in the West African sub region?______

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J. A skillful learner can be characterized with all the following except _______

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The interaction  that occurs  among learners in a web-based instruction is ______

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L. You can do all of these in word processing except __________

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M. Study time can be considered to be of _______ when you are tired, and experience distractions around.

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The act of putting down important points by Chinwe while listening to enable her remember and clarify doubts is _______

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Electronic learning is in what generation of distance education?______

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P. An independent learner is generally a __________ learner

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Content must relate to the key concepts and provoke peers to think more insightfully on the concepts.  True or False? ______

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 Dr. Opateye operates ______ which contains learning resources and technology, means of teaching modes of teaching and connection to global context 

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Paragraphs are expected to be characterized by unity, incoherence and must be developed to give desired information.  True or False? ______

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T. Which of the following key skills may not be required towards investing in personal development?

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Effective communication through writing should be based on ability to present thoughts, ideas and experience coherently.  True or False? ______ 

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______ skill is the ability to apply frequent and substantial consideration and assessment of one’s  learning  process and products 

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W. The Good Study Guide is designed to be used in these various ways as listed in the options with the exception of one. Pick the odd option.

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E-learners must be responsible for reading, analyzing their assignments and asking questions when they arise.  True or False? _____

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Vocalization depicts pronouncing a word ahead of it is being read.  True or False? _______ 

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 Formative assessment leads to judgement of student’s achievement while learning is going on. True or False? ­______

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AA. The process of learning through reflection on experience according to David Kolb�??s experiential learning cycle involves __________

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AB. Computer literacy is a skill that all students should acquire and ____ to succeed in their studies

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Learning by deducing involves scientific experiment or perform a piece of music.  True or False? ______ 

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AD. When you face an immediate study challenge you are expected to __________

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______ is a system of printing in which the letters of the alphabets and numbers are printed with fingers by the people who are blind.

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AF. In the correct order, identify actions that will enable you get the most from discussion groups _____

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AG. The following are relevant towards monitoring your progress as a learner except _________

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AH. When you plan for your studies, it will encourage _______

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AI. Students gain knowledge by reading, asking questions and _____

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AJ. One of the productive way to invest your time is to ____________

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Assessment of ______ must be planned and implemented as an integral part of the curriculum and programme instruction.

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A learner  that studies and remembers better with pictures, graphics and diagrams  is a _______ learner

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Fluency comes with the development of phonemic awareness, phonic skills and ______

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________defines open and distance learning  as a system of teaching and learning characterized  by separation of teacher and learner in time and / or space

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AO. In note making, flexibility involves __________

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Self-assessment becomes most effective when  students have full knowledge of the learning  goals.  True or False? ­­­­______

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AQ. You can achieve all the following with a computer system except ________

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AR. Which of the following is not a component in David Kolb's experiential learning cycle?

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AS. If you allow your time to dribble away on patchy half-focused activity, it means _____________

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A naturalistic approach of collecting data is accomplished through the use of aptitude test. True or False? _______

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An appropriate way for Murtala to recall what had been read is for him to tell someone or divulge what had been read from life experiences.  True or False? ______

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Hauwa always provide emotional support to her speaker.  Which type of listening is this? ______

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AW. _________ is synonymous to being a reflective learner

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The officially recognized attempt at distance education was propounded by ______

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What kind of speaking  will the NOUN FM radio display in order to give a lecture  in physics? ___________

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AZ. Group discussions enable you to ________ your ideas

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The aspect of research report that deals with design, population and instrumentation is collectively called ______

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