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A. __________ an index that relates two accounting numbers which is obtained by dividing one number by the other. It is a relationship between two accounting figures expressed mathematically

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B. _________ is when financial ratios of a firm over a period of time are compared

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C. _____audit covers all financial transactions and records of a government unit, and is made after the close of financial period

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D. Interim and balance sheet are examples of _________

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E. Errors, alterations and embezzlement are examples of __________

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F. _________is the ratio that is used to determine the return accruing to each share

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G. ________is a statutory obligation for the accounts of every limited liability company to be audited annually by a professionally qualified auditor

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H. ________is an audit that is restricted to some segments of the unit's financial transactions

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I. _________ is the formula for calculating operating cash flow (OCF)

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J. ________is the ratio that is used to determine the return accruing to each share

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K. when financial ratios of a firm over a period of time are compared is known as ________

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L. A way of comparing ratios of one firm with some selected firms in the same industry at the same point in time is known as ________

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M. The Auditor must consider and report on the following except _______

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N. ________is not an objective of internal control system.

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O. One of the following is not an essential feature of internal control

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P. The standards of comparison of ratios as suggested by _________

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Q. ________by nature can be classified into internal, private and statutory audit

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R. The growth of audit in the private sectors arose as a result of the formation of _________

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S. ___________is a measure of the impacts of inflation to replacement costs of the assets of a firm, with rising price (i.e. inflation)book values understates replacement cost

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T. _________ ratio that shows profits relative to sales after the direct production costs are deducted

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U. _______ is the ability to apply knowledge to a particular engagement, supervise and evaluate the work performed by the staff members

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V. _________ are ratios that measure the extent to which a firm has been financed by debt and its ability to meet interest and other fixed charges obligations.

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W. The solution to the problem of credibility in reports and accounts lies in appointing an independent person, called ________

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X. ________ratio helps in measuring the relationship between sales and operating profits.

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Y. __________is when an auditor respects the information of his client and does not disclose such information to the third party without permission from his client

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Z. ___________ is a more conservative measure of liquidity that excludes inventory (stocks) from the current assets in the determination of liquidity.

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AA. From 1956, the audit of most public accounts in Nigeria became the responsibility of the _______

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AB. One of the following is not a current liability

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AC. The standards of comparison of ratios as suggested by _________(1998) and many other experts in finance are financial ratios

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AD. The primary purpose of the current ratios is to measure a firm’s _______

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AE. The federal audit department grew from __________

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AF. Accounts receivable is an example of __________

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AG. ________ audit is when all items appearing in the balance sheet are being verified by tracing each item at a time to confirm that the items actually exist

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AH. Performance is an essential feature of _________

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AI. _________ is essentially an attitude of the mind characterized by integrity and objective approach to professional work

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AJ. _________shows the way in which financial goals are to be achieved by a financial manager.

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AK. _________audit is a method where auditors have a predetermined period say monthly, quarterly, to audit the account being prepared

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AL. Auditing accounts should be properly prepared and in accordance with the provisions of _______

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AM. Ratios that measure the effectiveness with which a firm is using its resources are called __________

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AN. current asset turnover is an examples of ______ ratios

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AO. ________ ratios are classified into leverage, activity and liquidity ratios

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AP. _________ is a managerial control which functions by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of other controls

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AQ. The rights of the auditors, as spelt out in CAMA (1990) are all of the following except________

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AR. _______is an independent appraisal activity within an organisation for the review of accounting, financial and other controls as a basis of service to  management

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AS. In Nigeria, the institutions of Public auditors was established in ______

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AT. _________ are future ratios that can be developed from projected financial statement

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AU. _________ ratio helps in measuring the relationship between sales and operating profits.

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AV. _____is a process of examining and reviewing accounting transactions in order to ensure the financial statement presents the financial position of the firm fairly, at a particular period.

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AW. To ensure the performance of the organization is an objective of ________system.

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AX. _____refers to an internal audit, whose purpose is to assess management's effectiveness in achieving the organisational goals and objectives

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