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The role of _____ in support services is largely administrative.


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The expectations associated with a practicum vary according to the career. True or False? ---------

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C. Basic skills in Information Technology include the following except ________________

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Make to-do lists helps you to set alarm to remind you about your study plans. True or False? __________

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Research is an activity through which answers are given to a question and mere transformation of facts. True or False --------?

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F. To move the cursor to the start of a word, hold down �??Ctrl�?? and press the ________ arrow key.

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G. If you allow your time to dribble away on patchy half-focused activity, it means _____________

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The most distraction-free environment to learn is ___________

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The source of paying students’ allowance for professional exposure is ________

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--------- is an excellent way of bringing the views of an author into the essay

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K. The Kolb's reflective learning circle is so named because ______

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L. Which of the followings would lift a student's morale?

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The quality of the essay you produce will reflect the richness or formal and full notes. True or False --------?

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_______ is the process of making a value judgement about worth of a students’ performance.

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The event that authenticates, orientates and certifies students’ admission is ______

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Organizing and prioritizing ideas could be more challenging but writing assignments and examination papers could not be difficult. True or False? ________

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_________ is a pronounceable word formed from the first letters or first few letters of each word found in a name or phrase.

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Referencing style approved for NOUN students’ report is APA which means American _______ Association.

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Brainstorming aims to trap some ideas and fix them in writing True or False -------?

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Practicum is undertaken within six weeks. True or False? --------

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U. A transient sharp upward or downward movement, as on a graph or table reading is called _____

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V. The short cut to 'undo' in word processing is _______

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Skimming is useful in helping to decide whether to read an article properly or not. True or False ---------?

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Stages in the writing process include thinking about the essay title and organizing the material. True or False --------?

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The ability to work on two or three documents at the same time is referred to as ---------

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Z. The act of learning practical things will involve one of these _____

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_____ refers to cases in which learners are assigned to several different unordered categories, jobs or programmed.

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Research problem must be based on ______ framework

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AC. The challenge of unfamiliar words can be resolved by the use of ________

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________ Imagery is an effective way of helping Danladi memorises and recalls information when he needs it.

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AE. Plagiarism is considered to be _________

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Pen-on-paper is an ________ essay type of examination.

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AG. In order to manage your reading effectively, you will need to _________

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AH. The reasons listed are why it is imperative that you take responsibility for your own learning at the university except ___________

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AI. The short cut to 'save' in word processing is _______

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___________ is a process for obtaining information that is used for making decisions about students, curricula and educational policy.

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AK. Statistics is a branch of science concerned with techniques for ______

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AL. In the correct order, identify actions that will enable you get the most from discussion groups _____

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The expectations associated with a practicum vary according to the career. True or False? ---------

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Spending more time in answering a question gives more mark for you on the ones you fail to answer. True or False --------?

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AO. Study skills are Not a set of ______ that you learn once and apply forever

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AP. In word processing _________ describes a situation where you play around with large, bold, purple, gothic lettering on a marble background

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AQ. In the correct order, identify actions that will enable you get the most from discussion groups _____

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AR. In a class lecture, which of these techniques will prove more significant?

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________ is an oral way of getting confidence about what you know and find out what you still need to learn.

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What document issued by registry has all academic records of each student? ____

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AU. One of the questions you will ask in the Conceptualizing process of David Kolb's experiential learning cycle is __________

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AV. You are adviced not to record everything during lectures. You should ________ instead

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The assignment of people to different levels of the same general type of instruction, education or work is called ________


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Performing a music you have been studying from a theoretical perspectives that helps you better to understand it is referred to as learning by _______

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The type of student that learns with pictures, graphics and diagrams are said to be _______ learner

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