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A. A sex abnormally in man in which the affected females are shorter than average, have webbing of the neck, and mentally retarded is known as ____.

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B. A condition in which more than one sperm fertilizes an egg is called __________

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C. A phenomenon whereby the gene for a trait is located on the X or Y chromosome is known as ________

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D. The following are true of chromosomes except _____.

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E. The sex which has only one X or Z chromosome is described as being _________

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F. _____ postulated the preformation theory.

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G. The diploid number of chromosomes in humans is _________

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H. It is assumed that skin colour in man is determined by a maximum of _________ additive loci.

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I. What is the probability that if a farmer would put his hand in a bowl containing the red seeds from a bowl containing a cross of Rr X Rr, he would pick up a seed which is Rr in genotype?

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J. Albinism is an autosomal trait in human. The allelic symbol ‘a’ of an albino shows that the genotype is __________

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K. The symbols used to represent the alleles of genotypes of an individual are called __________

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L. In drosophila, non-disjunction cannot occur between ____.

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M. One of the most clear – cut piece of evidence ilIustrating sex – linked inheritance was reported by ___________

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N. If a farmer put his hand in a bowl containing the red seeds from a cross of Rr x Rr, what is the probability that he would pick a seed which is RR in genotype?

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O. Two individuals heterozygous at certain loci are crossed, given that the number of loci = n, an expression that represent the number of different types of gametic fusion is given by _________

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P. The following are true of genetics except ____.

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Q. A cross between an offspring and one of its parents is known as a ____________

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R. ____________ is regarded as the father of Genetics.

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S. A genetic experiment involves a trihybrid cross : AaBbCc x AaBbCc. What is the number of genetic fusions?

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T. In Nilsson- Ehle’s work with the colour of wheat kernel, a cross between pure breeding dark red-kerneled and white kernel parents were all of intermediate red colour. In the F2 generation however, one- sixteenth of the progeny has the same dark red colour of the Pgeneration parents. This shows that the trait is controlled by ____.

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U. If two coins are thrown simultaneously, what is the probability that the first coin will be head and the second tail?

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V. An individual having two unidentical alleles of a given gene is said to be _________ for that gene.

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W. _________ advanced the theory of evolution.

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X. In sex determination system, an XO individual is phenotypically a _________

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Y. In which of the following sex abnormallies in man are those affected recognized as females but are poorly developed?

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Z. The most prominent adherent to the inheritance of acquired characteristics in recent times was ________

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AA. A cross in which the traits of the male and the female are reversed is known as a ___________ cross.

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AB. A cross between a male chicken and a normal female which results in two female to one male instead of the expected 1:1 ratio among progeny of this cross is a proof that the male has a chromosomal constitution of ____.

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AC. _________ disproved the Hyppocrate’s theory.

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AD. The observable characteristics of an organism is referred to as the ________

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AE. The stage at which chromosomes move to the opposite poles during cell division is called __________

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AF. In a heterozygote, the allele that is not expressed is the ________ allele

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AG. Genes in the X-chromosome forming the barr body is __________

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AH. Boveri was able to show that the abnormal development of a dispermic embryo was the result of the __________ chromosome distribution.

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AI. The performation theory postulated that a miniature human being called a ___________ is present in the sperm.

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AJ. In Mendel’s experiment on garden peas, tall ( TT ) in dominant over dwarf ( t ). In a TT x tt cross, the chances of obtaining a tall plant is _________

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AK. Where a gene is not sex – linked, it must therefore be __________

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AL. The following statements are pararallel between the genetics and cytological facts that form the basis of the chromosome theory except ____.

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AM. Genes located on the Y chromosome can specifically be referred to as __________ genes.

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AN. ______ made an elaborate drawing of homunculus.

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AO. According to Darwin, exact miniature replicas called ________ of the body parts and organs are carried in the blood stream to be assembled in the gametes.

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AP. Which of the following statements best describe aneuploidy?

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AQ. A genetic experiment involves a trihybrid cross : AaBbCc x AaBbCc. How many genes are involved in this experiment?

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AR. Whose theory stated that “small representative of all parts of the parental body are concentrated in the semen”?

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AS. In human males, the sex chromosomal constitution is _________

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AT. In a genetic cross, the parents are symbolized P while the second generation is symbolized as __________

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AU. In order to have four toes in guinea pugs, there must be at least ____________ contributing alleles present

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AV. Who advanced the theory that the cell nucleus must contain the hereditry materials? I. Strasburger, II. Edward van benden, III. Hertrig , IV. Roux

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AW. _____ provided the most convincing proof of the theory that genes are on chromosomes.

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AX. Albinism is an autosomal trait in human. The allelic symbol ( A ) is for __________

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AY. A situation in which alleles of one gene separate into gametes randomly with respect to the alleles of other genes refers to the law of _________

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AZ. The following are patterns of sex chromosome distribution except _____.

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BA. What is the probability that the first child of Aa x aa parents will have a recessive genotype?

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BB. The division of chromosomes in mitosis as well as their constancy was described by _____.

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BC. In sex determination system, an XXY individual is phenotypically a ________

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BD. If the genes for a trait occur in both sexes, but the expression of the trait is different in the sexes, the trait is said to be __________

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