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A. The computer hardware are driven by the_______________

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B. ______________ scanners look and act more like fax machines.

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C. The computer system is made up of the ______________and_______________.

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D. When a computer is switched on and running a program, ____________is used for purposes such as holding the program and its data

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E. The processing unit is made up of the Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), control unit and ______________

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F. The two most common monitor sizes are ______________


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G. Computer is fast becoming the universal machine of the ___________century.

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H. The _____________method of data processing involves the use of machines such as typewriter, roneo machines, adding machines and the like.

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I. The earliest PCs were equipped with a CPU from Intel Corporation called the____________.

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J. _____________ is one of the greatest threats to computers and computer applications.

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K. A ____________ is simply an input device built to help the user control this on-screen pointer in as natural and efficient a manner as possible.

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L. _____________ is referred to as processed data or a meaningful statement

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M. The ____________ keys can be likened with the conventional typewriter keys.

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N. ROM is the acronym for____________

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O. The purpose of an operating system is to provide an environment in which a user may ______________ programs.

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P. _______________ refers to the suits of programs that facilitates the optimal use of the hardware systems and or provide a suitable environment for the writing, editing, debugging, testing and running of User Programs.

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Q. The _____________generation of computer saw the first two supercomputers designed specifically for numeric processing in scientific applications.

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R. The first general purpose programmable electronic computer was the______________

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S. The purpose of an ______________ is to provide an environment in which a user may execute programs.

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T. The _____________is the longest key found on most keyboards and it erases characters at the cursor position or gives blank space when pressed.

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U. WAN stands for____________

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V. ______________ is like laptop computers but smaller in size, although small but comprises all the components of a full system.

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W. True or False. Fiberglass can conduct electricity.

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X. The ______________ranges from the building housing the other elements of the computing system namely the computer and the users, the furniture and auxiliary devices

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Y. ______________ scanners look and behave a lot like a photocopier.

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Z. A _____________ is the primary input device for modern computers that feature operating systems with a graphical user interface

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AA. The ______________ is the primary interface between the user and the rest of the system.

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AB. _____________ represent its variable in the form of digits.

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AC. In_____________, Seymour Cray developed the CDC 6600

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AD. A _____________ is a collection of related information defined by its creator.

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AE. OCR stands for_______________

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AF. A ______________ is used to create, edit, save and print reports.

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AG. The _____________ keypad contains a set of keys required for typing or entering number digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 into the computer store.

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AH. LARC stands for______________

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AI. A machine language is ______________ dependent

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AJ. The _____________ emits the computer’s sound output.

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AK. ______________ are used with game software and help the user more effectively control the actions of computer-simulated airplanes or arcade-style games.

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AL. The term_____________ is generally reserved for a machine that is an order of magnitude more powerful than other machines of its era.

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AM. _______________ is an application mainly designed for numerical figures and reports

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AN. A small battery powers a ___________ to keep track of the time when the PC is turned off.

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AO. A _____________ is an organized collection of data that allows for modification taking care of different users view.

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AP. A _____________ is a series of coded instructions showing the logical steps the computer follows to solve a given problem.

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AQ. The physical components of the computer are called the_______________

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AR. The ______________ Key moves the cursor by five spaces to the right when pressed.

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AS. The ____________method of data processing involves the use of chalk, wall, pen pencil and the like.

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AT. ______________ printers have small nozzles that actually spray fastdrying ink onto the page to form characters or images.

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AU. The _____________ Key deletes the characters to the left of the cursor when pressed and all other characters to the right of the cursor are shifted one space to the left.

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AV. The mechanical operations are basically ____________in nature.

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AW. When the ___________ key is pressed, the capital letters on the alphanumeric keys are activated.

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AX. The computer software could be divided into two major groups: System Software and _______________


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AY. One of the biggest fears of having computers are ______________

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AZ. FORTRAN was developed in the year_____________

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BA. The computer system is made up of the hardware and _____________.

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BB. All the electronic components in a PC are mounted on a piece of fiberglass called the____________.

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BC. ______________are the series of instructions that enable the computer to perform a task or group of tasks

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BD. An _____________ is a program that acts as an interface between a user of a computer and the computer hardware.

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BE. An _____________ is a computer program that accepts a source program in assembly language program reads and translates the entire program into an equivalent program in machine language called the object

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BF. True or False. EDVAC was able to run orders of magnitude faster than ENIAC.

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BG. The Main Frame Computers is otherwise called ______________

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BH. Troe or False. Today computer is still confined the laboratory

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BI. _______________is referred to facts about a person, object or place e.g. name, age, complexion, school, class and height

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BJ. LAN stands for_______________

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BK. True or False. Fiberglass cannot conduct electricity

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BL. Computers use disk to store______________.

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BM. The earliest attempt to build an electronic computer was by J. V. Atanasoff, a professor of physics and mathematics at Iowa State, in

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BN. ALGOL was developed in the year_____________

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BO. UPS stands for_____________

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BP. ______________ counts the data it deals with whether representing numbers, letters or other symbols, are converted into binary form on input to the computer.

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BQ. MSI is the acronym for______________

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BR. A _______________ is the unit of work in a system

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