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The application letter is a _________to an advertisement

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The primary stress is on the _____ syllable in the word "locomotion".

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C. _______is a form of direct statement whereby the subject of a sentence takes an object without any inversion.

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D. In the sentence, 'The girl had accidentally been harrassed by the agents’ the tense form is _________

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Wrongly ____a word can lead to wrong meaning being expressed

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The method of development of the paragraph you choose should be the one that will most effectively put across the ________you want to make 

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G. Complete the sentence with the appropriate relative pronoun: Chinua Achebe was the author _______ wrote "Things Fall Apart".

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When you are bringing out the differences in two items in paragraph development you are using ____________ technique 

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I. The topic sentence is most frequently found at the _______ of the paragraph.

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J. Identify the infinitive phrase in the sentence. You may need to do some research. The infinitive phrase is _____

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Contracted forms of language use are allowed in ___________

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In English language there are more sounds than there are letters in the __________

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M. In the sentence, 'The President arrives from China tomorrow', the tense form is __________.

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Deletion is an avoidable thing you must do when ______a passage

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O. Fill in the blanks with have or has: _______ he arrived already?

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P. State if this sentence is FORMAL or INFORMAL: She longed for a friend in whom she could confide. _____

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Formal letters are --------- in their styles and phraseology

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 The document containing the bio data of the sender of an application letter is called _________

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S. Official reports, business letters, legal documents are often written in ______ language.

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In a_________, the author takes the reader logically and smoothly from one idea to another

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Summarization involves condensing and ____ a large piece of writing

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A paragraph is a piece of writing which is unified by a central, controlling idea or _____________

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In a _________ instead of using "I beg to state" use enquiry instead

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X. Indicate the sentence type, simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex. Kara loves to go to the beach. This is a  ________ sentence

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The English language has ______ consonant sounds

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In a word, the part that has the stress is pronounced with _____force

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The substitution of one _____for another can bring about a change in meaning

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AB. She longed for a friend in whom she could confide' is an example of _____ statement.

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AC. “It is advised that prison conditions should be improved.” What kind of subject is in the sentence?

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AD. The present tense forms of the verb 'do' are ________

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AE. Identify the infinitive phrase in the sentence. Think about what you can do to know more about automobiles. The infinitive phrase is ______

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The words "pocket", "pretend" and "docket" all have ____

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AG. Fill in the blank with do or does: How _______ we get there?

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AH. Identify the voice of the underlined verb in the sentence as active or passive. It is preferred to basketball. The verb is _____

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Secondary _____is weaker than the primary stress

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AJ. The only way you can learn how to summarise is for you to ______

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AK. Fill in the blanks with have or has: Now, you _______ learnt the secret of happiness.

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 The letter written to the INEC chairman asking for clarification on voting procedure is a ----------

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The use of the passive voice is more common in ___________

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Without a proper pronunciation of words, your audience may miss out the ______________ you are trying to express 

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AO. Identify the voice of the underlined verb in the sentence as active or passive. The art of football commentary was developed along with the sport. The verb is ____

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One difficulty about English pronunciation is that there is no perfect correspondence between _________and sounds

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__________ is the extra effort used in speaking or pronouncing a word 

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AR. No sentence can be correct in English without proper sequence of _______

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The letter to your sister describing a tourist site your visited during the last Christmas is an -----------

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The ---------- of a paragraph may be a problem, statement or a Generalization

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In a formal letter, the signature comes before the __________of the sender

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Beginning a paragraph with the topic sentence helps the _________to immediately know what the paragraph is about

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AW. Identify the word that does NOT have this consonant / j /.

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After doing a summary of a ________, it becomes shorter

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AY. A defining relative clause begins with a relative _____

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The use of jargon should be avoided in _____writing

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BA. Conferences and seminars help to bring ______ in a particular subject together to present their experiences and views.

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__________ are used to represent sounds in the dictionary

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BC. In the sentence, 'I have been waiting for sometime now' the tense form is_________.

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A longer sentence is usually divided into ____or sense groups, these can also be called tone groups

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Sounds in the English language can broadly be divided into _____________and consonants

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Apart from _____stress there is also sentence stress

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A word that replaces another with the same meaning is called a ___________

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BH. Identify the voice of the underlined verb in the sentence as active or passive. It is preferred to basketball. The verb is ______

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BI. Beginning a paragraph with a topic sentence helps both the ________ and the reader.

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Transition devices also bring ___________in a paragraph

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BK. The type of error contained in this sentence 'I was awakened by loud cry' is called ________

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_________________ qualifies nouns 

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A letter to your study centre director of your missing scores it is called a letter of _______

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BN. Which vowel is represented in the word 'whack'?

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BO. In the sentence, 'She was singing happily' the tense form is __________.

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The English vowels and consonants are very important to ______ spoken English

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Connection between the sentences is one of the elements that go into the _________of a good paragraph

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BR. It has been observed that students who want to be well-focused in their writing, need to learn how to _____

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