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The amount of money an initiator invests in a business is called _________ capital.

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B. Which of the following perspectives should be considered while preparing business plan?

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Inside entrepreneurs that follow the goals of their organizations are known as________

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The ease in acquiring funds and its cost  is known as ____ of financial market development

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E.  Trade barriers cause ____________

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F. Classical economists regarded land, labour, capital and entrepreneur as the main factors of _______

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NERFUND was establish in the year ____________

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__________is a social network

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I. Which one of the following guide the firm through the long term decision making.

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Imitation is a problem of Nigerian SMEs. True OR False 

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K. All of the following are the broad categories of External forces EXCEPT

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 _____________ is the reward for capital.

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M.  Being one's own boss is a need of _________

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N.  A type of private equity, a form of financing that is provided to small, early-stage, emerging firms that are deemed to have high growth potential, or which have demonstrated high growth (in terms of number of employees, annual revenue, or both) is known as ________

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O.  Having less than 50 percent of equity share in an international venture is called ___________

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P. Which one of the following is the first step in the entrepreneurial process?

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Q. _________ is the selling of shares to existing shareholders.

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R. Which one of the following is the main problem for the entrepreneur in the beginning stages of creating a new venture?

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S. Which of the following statements about the entrepreneurial climate is (are) true?

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T. Individuals who give psychological support to an entrepreneur are called ?

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U. Professional support network includes following EXCEPT

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V.  A typical inventor is usually ___________.

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W. The activity which occurs when the new venture is started are called _______

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X. Gazelles are the firms with _________

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Y.  Before developing the pro forma income statement, the entrepreneur should _________

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_________ are otherwise called corporate stocks.

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AA.  In capital venture the stage provides financing to companies completing development where products are mostly in testing or pilot production is ___________

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AB.  Individuals who help the entrepreneur in business activities are called __________

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AC.  The development of a new venture based on an inventor's work often requires ________.

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AD.  All of the following are essentials to maintain secrecy, EXCEPT.

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AE. Glueck (1980) defined an entrepreneur as an individual who creates a new firm and continues to manage it until it is ________

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Recouping is an activity function of venture capitalist True OR False

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The introduction of new products by a business is known as ____________

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AH. Which of the following system is necessary for expansion or elimination of intrapreneurship unit?

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AI. The situation analysis is ________

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AJ. Which of the followings is NOT followed in brainstorming?

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AK.  Which of the following system is necessary for expansion or elimination of intrapreneurial venture?

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AL.  ________ is commonly used to measure the short-term solvency of the venture? Select correct option.

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AM. Female entrepreneurs differ from male entrepreneurs in terms of all of the following EXCEPT

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AN. Which one of the following is the process of entrepreneurs developing new products that over time make current products obsolete?

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AO. Which one of the following is NOT an environmental factor for an entrepreneur?

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AP. Which one of the following is an important source of idea generation due to their familiarity with the needs of market?

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Entrepreneurs that collect and sell electronic information are called____________  

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AR.  Which of the following is NOT included in the opportunity evaluation process?

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AS. _________ is a party that makes an investment into one or more categories of assets, equity, debt securities, real estate, currency, commodity, derivatives such as put and call options with the objective of making a profit.

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AT. _________ may attract traffic to his/her site by manipulating their site to appear higher on search engine results.

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AU.  A set of reasons for engaging in a particular behavior, especially human behavior is known as _____________.

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AV. The financial plan provides a complete picture of ________

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Another for social entrepreneurship is ____ venturing.

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AX.  A/an ______ is an online connection between the company and its customers.

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The definition of the entrepreneur as the individual who recognizes opportunities where others sees chaos and confusion was by Kurato and ____ 

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AZ.  Which one of the following is NOT included in four C's evaluation by lender?

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BA. The resistance of employees in an organization against flexibility, growth, and diversification can be overcome by developing:

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Entrepreneurs should take_________ risks

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BC. Which one of the following is the fourth step in the entrepreneurial process?

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Infropreneurs who earn commissions from selling information that is not their own as called____ traffickers

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The system evolution of a product or service into newer and larger markets is called ____ innovation

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BF.  The chief motivational factor for __________ entrepreneurs to leave jobs is the frustration of not being allowed to perform at the level of which they are capable.

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BG. Which of the following factor does not affect a person for being an entrepreneur?

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A good that will benefit a large number of people I  the largest possible way is known as________

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BI.  The activities which occur when the new venture is started are called ________

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BJ. _______ are persons who can turn ideas or proto types into profitable realities, but may not be inventors.

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BK. Which of the following source of capital is relatively faster and less costly than other funding?

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BL. ___________ is required if a company wants to be more flexible in adopting changes.

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BM.  In setting marketing goals and objectives the entrepreneur must ________

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BN. The assessment of the needed resources by the entrepreneur starts with.

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A group of shares are called___________ 

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BP. An individual's need to be recognized is called ________

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BQ. When the multiplicity of environments become too complex to handle, the international entrepreneurs often __________.

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BR.  Licensing is a significant marketing strategy to _________

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