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A. _________take physical possession of the goods they trade with.

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B. Strategic planning looks beyond immediate circumstances, trying to __________ market conditions five or ten years into the future.

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C. __________ is the part of the buying merchandise which is resold in the same form without physical changes made on them.

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D. Marketing channels can be described by the number of ________ involved.

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E. In ___________segmentation, buyers are divided into groups on the basis of their knowledge of, attitude toward, use of, or response to a product.

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F. ________ are types of industrial goods that form part of finished items such as shirts, radio and batteries for cars.

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G. Marketing research is the first step taken by any ……………………... before investing his money in business

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H. _______ is used to refer to the various intermediaries who help in moving the product from the producer to the consumer

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I. The Auxiliary Function of Marketing consists of Marketing Finance, Risk Bearing and __________

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J. _________ are in charge of transfer of ownership on the channel of distribution.

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K. The agent middlemen that are usually large institutions with marketing facilities are called _________

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L. __________form the major parts of the finished items.

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M. There are __________ number of participants in the buying process.

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N. Transportation is part of the _________ function of marketing.

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O. Most new and recently introduced goods can be classified as __________ goods.

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P. ________ is necessary when two or more parties have unsatisfied wants

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Q. ________are major capital items that form the main assets of the production firms.

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R. Financing is made up of a number of _______ known as marketing functions.

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S. Marketing Finance, Risk bearing and Market Information are all part of the ________ function.

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T. __________are wants for specific products that are backed up by an ability and willingness to buy them.

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U. ___________is a state of felt deprivation.

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V. ________ is one of the oldest marketing philosophies/concepts that guide's sellers.

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W. _________are the people/devices that inform, persuade and stimulate the buyer at any point of the buying process.

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X. There are ________ distinct product life cycle stages:

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Y. Marketing is also concerned with product _______and design since a product must suit the needs and wants of the consumer.

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Z. ___________ are merchant middlemen that take title to the goods  they sold.

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AA. __________is concerned with setting certain standards/ levels to accomplish the produced goods.

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AB. The following are the part of the four main pillars of the marketing concept, except; ________

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AC. Marketing evolves from this last approach to acquiring products i.e. _____.

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AD. The following are the main interests of managerial marketers, except; _________

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AE. The social approach focuses on the _________ created by various marketing activities and institutions.

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AF. _______ is the only element in the marketing mix that produces revenue.

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AG. The __________ concept rests on four main pillars

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AH. ________concept holds that consumers will favour products that offer the most quality.

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AI. __________ goods are those bought by individuals and organizations for further processing a business.

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AJ. __________ behaviour is hardly traceable to only one characteristic.

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AK. __________is the statistical study of human population and its distribution characteristics.

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AL. Kotler (1984) states that for exchange to take place, it must satisfy _____ number of conditions

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AM. Product planning and development are part of the __________ function in marketing.

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AN. Research is necessary but a lot of……………………. are reluctant to engage in international research

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AO. ________marketing involves the launch of the new product in one or a few geographical areas chosen to representative of its intended market.

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AP. _________approach focuses on particular classes of products.

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AQ. Financing is made up of a number of _______ known as marketing functions.

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AR. __________ goods are bought by final consumers for personal consumption.

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AS. ________ products generally involve high value purchases and competitive bidding based on price competition.

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AT. There are important differences between ultimate _______and industrial users, their ways and means of purchasing differs considerably.

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AU. ______ marketing planning in an organization leads to the preparation of an annual marketing plan

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AV. A company's marketing ______ often operates within the framework of forces, which constitutes the system's environment

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AW. ___________ are products that consumers insist on having.

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AX. One major objective of international research is to discover new _______ opportunities.

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AY. Ultimate consumers buy goods or services for their own personal or household use, and are satisfied strictly non-_____wants.

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AZ. _______ concept holds that a pure marketing concept overlooks possible conflicts between short-run consumer wants and long-run consumer welfare

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BA. ______ defined marketing as a total system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want-satisfying goods and services to present and potential customers

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BB. _________decides on the level of stock to hold and the quantity to buy and which stores will carry various lines.

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BC. The _______ planning process rests on two important concepts.

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