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A. _________ involves pricing a product at the average level charged in the industry.

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B.  __________ is the amount of capital a firm can issue might not necessarily be the value of shares issued.

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C.  The purchase and sale of goods between two countries are called __________

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D. A _________ business includes sole proprietorship and partnership.

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E. _________is the process of buying and selling of goods

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F. _________ defined as the relationship, which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit.

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G.  _________ is a partner who has no invested capital in the business and is not involved in its management but lends his either as a result of his goodwill or public image.

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H. __________ involves the coordination of human and material resources toward objective accomplishment.

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I. _________ venture recovers a portion of its costs through sales of its goods or services.

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J. Shares subscription is when the general public is invited to buy_________

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K. When a firm charges a low price on its product to gain market acceptance, it is NOT practicing penetration pricing.

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L.  If the goods are used for further production of wealth they are called _________

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M. Marketing functions can be divided into exchange functions, facilitating functions, and _________

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N. Goods purchased in huge quantity from producers and resell to retailers is known as ____________

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O.  _________ are sent to the Registrar of companies at the same time with the; Memorandum of Association.

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P. _________ is when a firm initially charges a high price on a product and thereafter brings the price low to accommodate the price elastic segments of the market.

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Q.  _________ is the part of a product that gives utility or satisfaction to the consumer.

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R. A business is a set of activities, which leads to the manufacturing of goods or provision of services to satisfy the consumers at a profit.

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S. _____ is a set of activities, which leads to the manufacturing of goods or provision of services to satisfy the consumers at a profit

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T. Private companies have minimum of two and a maximum of _____ persons

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U. ____ is the movement of goods through head- loaded by human porter

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V. Anything that can be offered to the market for attention, acquisition or consumption, including physical objects, services, personalities, organizations and desires is called a____

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W. Publicity is a non-paid commercially significant news or editorial comments about ideas, product or institution.

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X.  _________ venturers tend to be loosely committed to particular ventures but dedicated to enterprising as an ongoing activity.

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Y. _________ engaged in reproducing and multiplying certain species of animals and plants and selling them in the market for profit are named as genetic industries.

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Z. _________ involves a liaison between existing private and public organizations each of which is able to contribute highly specialized services or facilities to the common enterprise, which is usually of major industrial significance.

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AA.  _________ business that is formed and owned, by one man and members of his immediate family.

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AB. __________ are those that are offered to enhance the activities of industrial and commercial sectors.

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AC.  _________ are those industries which extract, raise or fabricate raw materials from above or beneath surface of the earth.

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AD. _________is an association of individuals, artificial being, invisible, intangible and only existing in the contemplation of law.

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AE.  _________ refers to that part of business activities which is apprehensive with the extraction, production or fabrication of products.

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AF. The process of buying and selling of goods within the edge of a country is called ________

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AG. __________ function of marketing involves the buying and selling.

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AH. Interactive process between a seller and a potential buyer for exchange transaction of goods and services ___________

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AI. ________ is usually engaged in the provision of intangible products which cannot be seen or felt.

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AJ. ________ is a partner who had retired from the partnership leaving his capital in the business as loan, which attracts interest varying with the profit.

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AK. A business is a set of activities, which leads to the manufacturing of goods or_________

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AL.  In case the goods produced by an industry are further processed into finished products by another concern they are known as _________

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AM. _________ of Companies will issue a Certificate of Incorporation

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AN. The risk of damage of goods due to fire, flood, earthquake or other causes us covered by _________

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AO. __________ has a relatively short attention span and a chronic need to explore new avenues of experience.

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AP. __________ is especially committed to continual elaboration of his enterprise, but this requires maintenance of the structural foundations as well.

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AQ. Where the actual cost of the product is equal to or greater than the estimated price, an adjustment could be made which is known as __________

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AR. ________ is a partner who has an invested capital in the business and participates actively in running the affairs of the business.

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AS.  A product is made up of _________ different levels.

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AT. The major differences between private and public companies are the number of __________ and the issuing of shares.

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AU.  __________ is the capital requirement of a firm by the registrar of companies or the corporate Affair of a business.

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AV. Commercial activities are classified as____________

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AW. Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of a partnership.

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AX. _________ technique of pricing views the pricing of a product on the buyer�??s perception of the product value.

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AY.  ________ may be structured in many forms, including sole proprietors, for-profit and not-for-profit firms, non-governmental organizations, youth groups, community organizations, and more.

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AZ. There are __________ different types of meeting are stated in the articles of association.

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BA.  A firm could also fix a product price in order to promote its entire product-line.

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BB. ____ a form of business where two or more parties come together to undertake a particular business transaction for a common benefit.

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BC. __________ is the technique of pricing based on the manufacturing cost and the allocated operation overheads of the product.

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BD.  Which one of the following is NOT a Long-term character of a venture?

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BE. ___________ is an offer of shares to the public, and must also be sent to the Registrar of Companies.

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BF. The association of individuals, artificial being, invisible, intangible and only existing in the contemplation of law is called ________

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BG. _________ can be defined as a non- personal paid form of sales presentation through various media by an identified sponsor.

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BH.  A _______ partner who does not take part in the management of the business but has an invested capital in the business.

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BI. _______are samples, coupons, push money, discount, specialties, competition, exhibition etc

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BJ. _________ is the pricing method whereby a predetermined percentage is added to the cost of a product in order to determine its price.

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BK. __________ regulates the powers of the company and fixes its objects in relation to the outside world.

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BL. __________ concept states that a product passes through a life cycle as human beings.

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BM. The type of venture that covers all the activities related to production and distribution of goods and services from the place of production to the final consumers with an aim to earn profit. is called _________

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BN. ____ is the organization of a firm ‘s resources to meet the needs of customers or potential customers profitably.

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BO. Mark-up pricing is commonly used by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers True/False?

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BP. __________ is the determination of objective and the possible strategies to accomplishing it.

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BQ. Which one of the following is NOT a social venture as defined by Elkington and Hartigan (2007).

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BR. The purchase of goods or services from the wholesalers and selling in small quantity to the ultimate consumers is known as ________

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