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________ enables philosophers to make their arguments well stated and persuasive more than other people do.

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According to the law of _____, everything must choose to be either accurate or not accurate


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C. Words or expressions that indicate a premise or conclusion within an argument is called ___________

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Segun is a boy is an example of ___________ proposition

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For a _______, the role of reason is basically one of interpreting and defending the dogma derived from sources whose authority and truth is dependent on faith.

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The result of the philosophical doctrine, which sees knowledge as exclusively depending on sense experience is known as ____.

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G. In the proposition "As soon as Mrs Ojewale arrives, she tidies the house", what is the premise?

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__________ is a form of definition that expresses the meaning of a word based on available theories in specific discipline.

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The Dialectical method of Hegel moves from thesis to _____ and synthesis.

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All politicians are liars is an example of ___ proposition.

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_________ proposed the idea that the sources of all things must be a neutral element, different from all the elements we know.

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L. All of these are vocabularies used in logic except___________

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In Greek language, the word Sophia means ________.

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_____ developed the theory of a condensation and refractional to explain the original stuff from which all things are made.

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O. Logic is important to other discipline because _________

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I look out at you all, and I tell you, I am proud to be here. Proud to belong to a party that stands for what is good for Nigeria. Proud to cast my lot with the kind of people who make this nation great. Proud to stand with men and women who can get our nation back on its feet. Yes, there are those who criticize us, as weak and insensitive. But when I look at you hard-working people, I know we are right, and the critics are wrong.This  is an example of _____ fallacy

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The argument: that Janet is a Muslim, all Muslims are traders, therefore Janet is a trader is valid but _______

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R. There is no way you can determine correct or incorrect reasoning without constructing ________

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S. In Greek, 'logos' means ___________

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T. The act by which the mind affirms or denies something of something else is called __________

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U. Traditional syllogism or Aristotelian logic deals only with _______

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V. In any valid argument, the conclusion follows from the ________

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W. The sentence: Africa is a great continent is a logical statement because_________

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X. All of these are importance of logic to an individual except ________

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 To ____________ everything that exists is permanent, indestructible and unchanging.

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 In the currents of African philosophy, ____ is a sort of individualist version of Ethno-Philosophy, in which one records the belief of certain special members of the community.

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AA. Any sentence expressing questions, commands, etc. does not qualify as logical statement.

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The field of research directed towards obtaining further knowledge of nature is called ______.

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Complete this valid but unsound deductive argument: All GST 203 Students are brilliant, the Vice President of Nigeria is a GST 203 Student, therefore ____ that

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Ethno-Philosophy sees philosophy as an item of _____ property rather than an activity of the individual

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Complete this argument (which moves from general proposition to a particular proposition as the conclusion): All Senators are liars, Tunde Bakare is a Senator, 
therefore, ____________

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The weakness or strength of an inductive argument depends on the degree of the _________ contained in the conclusion

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The definition of logic as the science of laws of thought implies a mutual relationship between logic and ________

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Complete this sound deductive argument: Lagos is in Nigeria, Nigeria is in Africa, therefore _______ 

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The branch of philosophy concerned with the morality of human action is called _________.

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AJ. Formal logic is divided into methodology, meta-logic and ___________

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Directive function of language is also known as ________ functional

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AL. Which of these is a statement? _________

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AM. A statement, within an argument, which provides support for asserting the conclusion of that argument is referred to as _________

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In the Under-labourer conception, philosophy characterizes a personal or group of persons _____.

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In the concept of a Definitionist that which is doing the defining is referred to as _________.

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AP. Complete this sentence; An argument can never have more than one ___________

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AQ. The process of derivation of a conclusion of an argument from the premise is known as _________

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___________ is another word for recursive definition.

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A lexical definition is identical with a ____ definition of words.

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AT. Which of these is not a premise indicator? _______

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AU. A person who studies logic is called _________

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My lord, if you send me to prison, my seven children will suffer, there will be no one to take care of my sick mother and my father will die of heart attack is an example of ____ fallacy

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You don't know any of the accused persons, do you?” is an example of _____fallacy.

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AX. The only discipline that teaches how to formulate different types of arguments is called _____

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