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A. The features of an academic writing include _______

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B. The stress associated with examinations, can help you to find the will-power and energy to pull your understanding of a course together. ________

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C. Students who failed to get the point because they were not looking for it, adopted the ______ reading technique

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D. At what point of the Experiential Learning Circle are you expected to pause and think about how your study has been going?

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E. Which of the options is not an indicator that learning has occurred?

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F. By putting your markings all over a course information is a way to take _________

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G. A To-Do list is a guide to action that turns a shapeless mound of work into a _________  of tasks you can tackle.

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H. Learning can be practical or _________

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I. eLearning materials is the shortened form of ________

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J. Failing an exam is the end of the world.  _________

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K. The stress examination brings is powerful yet it helps to draw out _________

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L. ________ situations require you to think on your feet and try to get things as right as you can the first time

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M. The art of reading that helps you get a rough idea of the content of a piece is called _______

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N. One of the options listed is NOT one of the six sets of key skills identified by government and employers.

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O. While you still remain in charge, the strategy for managing your work might include seeking advice and ________

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P. To enjoy studying and achieve success you have to take _________

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Q. Preparing for examinations requires ________ reading of your course materials

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R. The purpose of examinations at the University level is to test ________

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S. The challenge of unfamiliar words can be tackled by the use of ________

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T. One of the options is not a pitfall you should avoid while making a presentation.

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U. Students gain knowledge by reading, asking questions and _____

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V. Charts are used for presenting ___________ data

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W. A key part of studying that enables an assessment of one's progress, depth of learning and power of expression is ______

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X. The ‘free-writing’ technique is used to develop one's ___________

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Y. The reality of examination is that although it brings stress, it is just another part of the education process which countless people routinely and successfully cope with. __________

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Z. Exams are monstrous ordeals, survived only by superhuman effort. ________

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AA. An academic ritual that helps you to draw peak performance out of yourself is the ________

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AB. Becoming a skilled student involves taking a reflective approach to your studies, so that you learn from _________ and continually refine your skills.

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AC. __________ is a world of its own, with customs and values you encounter nowhere else, and extraordinary freedom to do, think and speak as you please.

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AD. The Good Study Guide can be used by what category of students? _______

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AE. Becoming a skilled student also involves developing an understanding of what learning is and how it happens, so that you can plan and monitor your own ________

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AF. The type of learning associated with the word ‘study’ can be achieved through ____________

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AG. Debates and __________ are features of an academic writing

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AH. Which of these will prove more significant for a student in a class lecture? _________

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AI. Learners who are inclined to put in bursts of intensive study, learning a lot quickly before shifting to something else, are _______ learners.

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AJ. The _________ learners tend to work in a sequential way through study tasks, starting at the beginning and proceeding step by step until they reach the end.

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AK. Strategic and systematic approach to studying are attributes of an unsuccessful student. ________

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AL. Tutorial sessions will involve all of these except _______

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AM. When making notes you use grouping, ________ and mnemonic to recall what you learnt

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AN. Statistics is a branch of science concerned with techniques for ________

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AO. To excavate the hidden depths in essay titles, one should _______

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AP. A simple but effective way to engage with your work is to __________

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AQ. Study skills are not a set of _______  that you learn once and apply forever.

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AR. The Good Study guide will __________

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AS. Examinations often make extremely valuable contributions to one's learning. ________

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AT. Presentations are said to be excellent ways to ______ group learning experience

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AU. The method of trapping thoughts as they come to you help you achieve _________ in writing and speaking

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AV. The best way to invest time in one's self is by _____

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AW. The term ______, can be used to refer to sessions involving a tutor and a group of students

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AX. ________ learners tend to approach a task as a whole and hop about from one part of it to another, trying all the time to keep the overall picture in view.

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