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A. Oba Otudeko worked in banks for 23 years and slowly but steadily climbed up the ranks. He eventually became the General Manager and acting Chief Executive Officer of the erstwhile Cooperative Bank but never became well known until he established his company called _______

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B. Who among the following is not a world class entrepreneur _________

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C. Richard Branson as an entrepreneur believes so much in diversification and that's why the Virgin Group holds more than ______ companies

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D. Chief Micheal Ade-Ojo in 1971 started the company, Elizade Independent Agencies (EIA), with his ____

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E. Chief Cletus Ibeto started his business as an entrepreneur with _____

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F.  The following are example of Nigerian entrepreneurs except?

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G. Vanderbilt with his visionary characteristics saw the shift in transportation to ____

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H. Sir Emeka Offor began his business career as an apprentice to his uncle and in 1994; he formed the Chrome Group, entering into Nigeria's oil and gas industry but his success came from his ______ of work

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I.  The Obajana cement is also the biggest quoted company in ______ Africa and the only Nigerian company on the Forbes global 2000 companies.

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J.  Jimoh Ibrahim is one of the wealthiest Nigerians and he has made billions of dollars from numerous investments in the following Industry except?

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K. From the story of Michael Dell, organizational leadership is very important in an entrepreneurial firm considering the loss the company suffered?

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L. Dr.Cosmos Maduka father died when he was only 4 and this led to his mother being the only one catering for him. At the age of 7 when he was in Primary 3 he was withdrawn from school due to lack of resources so he resorted to _______

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M.  Michael Dell as an entrepreneur started building computers and selling them directly to people focusing on what?

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N. Prince Samuel Adedoyin as one of the richest Nigerian entrepreneurs and founder of Doyin group of companies and had to face the usual challenges of been born into a polygamous homes and eventual separation of his parent but he is able to cement his stand in the following industry except?

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O. Chief Michael Ade-Ojo of Elizade motors while at RT Brisco Group in just four months after he sealed a deal with Brisco sold about how many cars

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P.  An entrepreneur is involved in _________

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Q. Dele Fajemirokun has grown to become a renowned entrepreneur and prominent boardroom guru in his own right through _____

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R. Fola Adeola and Tayo Aderinokun with his close friend, business partner and long-time confidant conceived the idea that gave birth to ______

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S. Leo Stan Ekeh scored another first in 2001 when he set up Zinox Technologies Limited to manufacture _____, Nigeria's First Internationally Certified Branded Computers

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T. Bill Gates is a great philantropist who has given a large percentage of his wealth to solving problems in Africa and other continents. True or False

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U. JP Morgan is a great example of _______ in the way that he approached the loss of the Niagara Fall power plant contract as he never gave up

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V.  ______entrepreneurial strategy was to understand how a company worked - what made it superior to competitors and was predominately interested in a company's management and leadership as a major factor when deciding to invest

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W. MRS Holdings Limited at the start had just ____ staff but today has over ____ staff due to entrepreneurship?

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X. Carnegie saw _______ as a new material that would change the building and manufacturing landscape

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Y. At the age of _____ Micheal Dell purchased an early Apple computer in order to take it apart to see how it worked.

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Z. Successful entrepreneurs found one way or the other to break the opportunity ice to eventually start and grow successful businesses. While larger challenges stand in-line waiting for new entrepreneurs, tenacity of purpose will always win. How true is this?

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AA. What type of risks do entrepreneurs take?

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AB. Bill Gates was a voracious reader as a child, spending many hours poring over reference books such as the encyclopaedia and started to showing interest in computer programming even from the age of 13

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AC. Jason Chukwuma Njoku is a British-born Nigerian entrepreneur, film magnate and African start-up investor who founded Iroko TV on his ______ attempt at business

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AD. Carnegie saw _______ as a new material that would change the building and manufacturing landscape

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AE.  Intrigued by the expanding world of computers and gadgetry, Dell purchased an early Apple computer at the age of 15 for the strict purpose of taking it apart to see how it worked. As an entrepreneur, this characteristic is called what?

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AF.  ______ started working at RT Briscoe but later went on to acquire 100% of RT Briscoe in Nigeria, and subsequently acquired more shares, to make his total holdings in Toyota Nigeria Limited, sum up to 74%.

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AG. Mark Zuckerberg co-founded the social-networking website Facebook out of his _______

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AH.  _______ is regarded as one of the richest black people in the world even though his father was a teacher while his mother was a business woman and he today owns Globacom

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AI. Bill Gate and his partner Paul Allen together as entrepreneurs built the world's largest software business

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AJ.  Dr.Cosmos Maduka's of Coscharis group gift is entrepreneurship. Starting from a meagre capital of _____ naira he has built an unimaginable business empire.

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AK. Dr.Cosmos Maduka started his business from a meagre capital of ____ and today he has built an unimaginable business empire.

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AL. Aliko Dangote as an entrepreneur and one who believes in diversification has its flagship product as Dangote ________

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AM. Orji Uzor Kalu strength as an entrepreneur was in his ability to ______ into many businesses

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AN. How many times should an entrepreneur who is passionate about a business keep trying even when he fails?

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AO. With Bill Gates acumen for software development and a keen business sense, Gates placed himself as the head of Microsoft, which grossed approximately $2.5 million in 1979. What age was he then?

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AP. Walter Elias "Walt" Disney and his ______ Roy co-founded Walt Disney Productions, which became one of the best-known motion-picture production companies in the world.

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AQ. Chief Micheal Ade Ojo founded ______

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AR. Characteristics of an entrepreneur include the following except ________

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AS. The name of the entrepreneur whose success in the petroleum industry began when he noticed a gap in the process of procuring fuel while working with the Dangote Group is _____

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AT.  Nairaland, the largest online forum in Africa was founded by _____ who pursued his programming dream and his love for the internet

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AU.  In spite of his wealth, Li Ka Shing has a reputation for living a______ lifestyle, and is known as the billionaire who wears cheap shoes and old watches.

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AV. Which entrepreneur was sent to a master at Onitsha to be an apprentice when his father could not send him to school, was treated with an iron hand by his trade master but today owns one of the biggest spare part manufacturing companies in Nigeria?

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AW. Ten years after its founding, the Buffett Partnership owned by entrepreneur Warren Buffet assets were up more than 1,156% compared to the Dow's 122.9%. True or Fasle

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AX. Which of the following are ALL characteristics of an entrepreneur?

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AY. Folorunsho Alakija (Africa's richest woman) started her business as an entrepreneur in a ___ bedroom flat in Surulere Lagos

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AZ. Zinox Group salvaged the 2006 Voters' registration exercise by delivering _____ computer systems to INEC in 3 weeks and it was through Leo Stan Ekeh ingenuity

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BA. Orji Uzor Kalu on suspension from school, left school, and proceeded to build a business and at the age of 19, Orji Uzor Kalu proceeded to borrow a ____ loan from his mother

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BB. Folorunsho Alakija (Africa's richest woman) involvement in the oil and gas industry, started through _______ she met while was still actively involved in the world of fashion, and they got involved in the business of oil.

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BC. ________ are those that have the ability to find and pursue a problem and solutions to them.

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BD. Zuckerberg was not willing to sell out thereby turning down offers from companies such as Yahoo! and MTV Networks. Instead, he focused on expanding the site, opening up his project to outside developers and adding more features. Was the risk he took worth it?

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BE. One of Aliko Dangote's business strategies for succeeding in the commodity market was to develop a strong ______ network and make the delivery of his goods faster than that of his competitors

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BF. Richard Branson struggled in school and dropped out at age 16 to pursue his dream as an entrepreneur, a decision that ultimately lead to the creation of ______

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BG.  Paul Getty of Getty Oil stated that "You must take risks, both with your own money or with borrowed money. Risk taking is essential to business growth." Is this true?

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BH. Entrepreneurial thinkers and giants refers to individuals who possess the skills and ability to _____

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BI. Anna Phosa started her pig farm venture in 2004 in Soweto with about ______ in hand after she bought four pigs with that money and being introduced to pig farming by a close friend.

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BJ. Vincent Amaechi Obianodo being from a humble background with little to nothing to boast of, he moved to Kano in his teenage years in search of greener pastures. He learnt how to fix punctured tyres and started out as a vulcanizer but today he owns _______

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BK. Ray Kroc became president of the McDonald's Corporation after he bought out the owners of the company entirely six years into operation by practising which entrepreneurial strategy?

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BL. At _______ years old, Warren Buffet made his first investment, buying three shares of Cities Service Preferred at $38 per share. The stock quickly dropped to only $27, but Buffett held on tenaciously until they reached $40.

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BM. Aliko Dangote took interest very early in entrepreneurship and the first funding he got for his business was through ______ from his grandfather

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BN. How was Bill Gate able to stay the richest man as an entrepreneur till date

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BO. Chief Micheal Ade-Ojo of Elizade Group lost his job at CFAO Motors and British Petroleum (BP) to become an independent man and setup his company making him an ____

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BP. One of Aliko Dangote's business strategies for succeeding in the commodity market was to develop a strong ______ network and make the delivery of his goods faster than that of his competitors.

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BQ. _______ understanding of supply and demand extended outside of the classroom as his needing to make money to continue his education (he was paying his own tuition) made him start giving dance lessons which eventually led to him hosting a show and making money

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BR.  Jim Ovia's explanation for the tremendous success of Zenith was quite simple and it is ________

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